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things we lost in the fire
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he’s so warm. did you know he’s warm? he’s so warm. warm baby bull. warm adorable matesprit i love so much.

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i need to see what the “unrivaled grace” tag on his blog looks like

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"you knwo it’s crazy?"
"we finsih each other’s—"

i hear the word sandwiches. i drag myself to the kitchen. we finish each other sandwiches? no. i’m making so many. it’s crazy i’m making a shit tonne of sandwiches. that’s what i was gonna say. they’re so good. so good… sandwiches…

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do you want one too. do you want five. i’m so fricking pleased with everything right now.

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i just made the best fuckign sandwiches and i’m gonna dO IT AGAIN.

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Let’s see…

I lost my horns, my fangs, my vision 8fold, not to mention that my skin is all pink and fleshy. My hair is a mass of gold, so that’s an upside, 8ut 8esides that? I can’t even let my own crew see me. Kind of really sets everything 8ack a day. 

for a moment i was horrified for you, then i realised you were human, and i was amazingly less horrified. being human is nice— i enjoy it quite a bit. but to each their own. i’m sorry to hear that your day has been rough.

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Fair enough. I do feel like this convers8ion is going to get stale much too fast if all we talk a8out is potential without getting into specifics.

it certainly will. anyway, how are you faring? did you have a good day?

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klarolineforevah asked you : Regina or Zelena
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turntechfirebreather whispered: Mom I am stealing your bed

Good. it’s a comfy bed. lay all over it. eat a pillow. sleep.