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things we lost in the fire
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> Kanaya: Visit the sly princess.


"I’d be more than delighted to come in."

You give a little smile in response and dip in a curtsy to her in your nightgown, cheeks flushing a bit. The beginnings of your headache subside immediately and you stand back upright after a moment, looking down at your ever-so-courteous lover.

She looks good, the princess life must be treating her well. Not that you expected any less. The look of a palace suits her. "So, are you going to show me your sweet royal respiteblock or what?"

Smiling brightly, you squeeze her hand, then right yourself and laugh. You’re so excited you can barely speak. Once again, you wrap your arms around her, kissing her cheek, nuzzling up against her. 

Mention of your bedroom gets you to waggle your eyebrows at her playfully, and a hip bump against her. “Ohoho! I didn’t realise you were so eager to see my room, darling.” You start to pull her up the stairs out of the kitchen, giggling.

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Kanaya is livestreaming Beauty and the Beast, and I can’t get in. 


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You really hadn’t known what to expect, but this still surprises you; there’s no doubt now that things have changed drastically, and you’re feeling a faint sense of dread. Said dread gets worse when three of her servants enter the room; she probably doesn’t trust you to be alone. You try very hard to convince yourself that’s all right. This will all be fine. Liar. No it won’t. And you’re aware of that. But you’ve dealt with pain before and you’re sure you can handle whatever happens here. You can tell the three servants are a little anxious around you; the whole Grimdark thing does that to people. You spend the next twenty or so minutes trying to control the shadows, and eventually you get them to hide away.

You can’t do anything about Their whispers, however.

When she enters the room all your focus is on her; even with your now-shitty eyesight you can tell she’s changed drastically too. And you’re not sure if you like what you see. You don’t say a word, however, more occupied with trying to figure out what must’ve happened in your absence. You barely notice as her servants leave, though you do notice she’s got her sword with her-you’re almost wishing you’d left the scythe behind for this. You wait until you’re sure they’re gone before removing the mask, not caring if she sees just how much you’ve changed.

It’s only fair anyways. She’s entirely different from the young troll you fell in love with, you might as well be honest about how different you are. You’re fighting hard to keep your face expressionless, though a wry smile does appear when she finally addresses you. “I was a bit preoccupied with something.” you say simply, then you tilt your head slightly. “Should I bow?”

The mask coming off catches you off guard, and the smile slips from your face. You weren’t expecting him to be so damaged. Covering your mouth with your hand, you remain silent for a moment, considering him and his appearance. It’s not that you’re frightened, nor are you disgusted by him— rather, you are curious about what happened. Questions, though, will be saved for later. You have many, and you will get answers. 

The smile comes back, and you relax slightly. He never harmed you before— you doubt he will now. “Preoccupied. Is it all resolved now, though?” Thoroughness is key. The question of bowing gets you to laugh, loudly and rather sincerely. “Bow? No. I’d rather you didn’t. I’m not your empress, after all.”

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> Kanaya: Visit the sly princess.


Before you even know it, Advoca is upon you and already dishing out the smooches. You smile against her lips and slide your arms around her body, squeezing her close as you kiss her back. Life is good.

"Hello, my darling," you purr as you pull away, rubbing your cheek against hers. "It’s so good to see you! Would you kindly invite me in?" You’re already in, of course, but it’s rainbow drinker courtesy. Plus, you can already feel a headache coming on, and you’d rather her servants not have to be mortified following the task of cleaning up your spilled blood.

The smooches cannot stop. You’re kissing all over her face, holding her close and laughing. It’s so good to see her again, to touch her and smell her and everything about her. It’s been lonely without her.

The smile refuses to leave your face, and you laugh softly when she asks to be invited in. The stories were true, after all. “Kanaya, would you like to come in?” You wriggle out of her arms to bow to her, taking her hand and pressing a kiss to the top of it. 

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1 know that f33l…

Everyone just ???? or !!!!! or ……………………


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Wandering aimlessly isn’t going to get you anywhere, so you finally decide to visit Advoca. It’s been an age and a half since you’ve seen her, and now you most certainly want to; you miss her. Oh, do you miss her. You stop in a small town and ask to use a shopkeeper’s transportalizer, somehow ignoring the way he shies away from you and the stares of those around you.

At least they’re not running. Yet. They look like they’re about to, though.

You punch in the coordinates she sent you and pause a moment, realizing you’re incredibly nervous-it’s been a long time, after all, and from her last message some things have clearly changed. Will she want to see you? You hope so. Just showing up like this might seem rude but you’re not sure you care.

She did say you could come by if you needed a place to hide, after all. And right now you definitely need that. So you head on over to where the coordinates point you and you send her a quick message:

—I’m here.

Now to see what she’s done with herself since you last saw each other.

In the middle of a council meeting, you receive a message; it’s short and rather to the point. The name attached to it tells you why. There’s no rush— at least, you don’t think there is. Calling over a guard, you tell him to send three men to the throne room. While you think that’s not nearly enough, sending a whole army to match his power level would be excessive, and unnecessary. In the meantime, though, they’ll keep an eye on him while you discuss the merits of sending miners to Vekslende. You have more important things to take care of than a blast from the past.

In twenty minutes, though, you put the discussion on hold, leaving the room in a flurry of skirts, asking that no one follow you. By now, they should know that your privacy is important to you, and this? This is a deeply private matter. Before entering your throne room, you puff yourself up, smiling wryly, and resolving to keep that smile on your face. Opening the doors with both hands, you step inside, greeted by three of your guard and a masked man. Karken, no doubt. “Good evening, gentlemen! I see we’ve all met.” It’s said rather excitedly, to dispel any tension within the room. You don’t make eye contact with Karken yet, looking to your three servants, smiling warmly. “Thank you for your assistance, but I have it all under control from here.” You pat the hilt of the sword you keep on you, in a way everyone in the room may see: this is not only assurance, but a warning. “Please station someone outside the door, though. I do not want any interruptions.” They follow your orders, as enthusiastically as you gave them, and once the doors have been closed, you take a seat upon your throne— one that is guarded by a large marble dragon. That smile has not left your face, and you finally look at Karken, chuckling.

"I thought you had forgotten about my offer. Or at the very least, you chose to ignore it."

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> Kanaya: Visit the sly princess.


It’s been ages since you’ve seen Advoca — probably because you never seem to be awake or online at the same time, and when you are, you feel like you’ll just bother her. You never do, but for some reason your memories of having your wish for conversation gladly reciprocated always seem to go foggy when you think about talking with her.

You’ve always been a bit skittish around authority figures. She was easier to talk to before she was a princess, but she’s still the adorable troll you know and love.

You take a moment to slide Karkat off of your lap and tuck her into bed, putting an extra large white leatherwing plush in her arms and wrapping the wings around her sides. You don’t want her to be alone when she wakes up, but you know yourself and you know that you’ll probably fall asleep during your visit. You’ll set an alarm, but still.

Writing out a note for your warmblooded lover, you explain where you’ll be and promise to be back soon after — if not before — she wakes up, then you brush off your nightgown and slip downstairs to the transportalizer. It takes a bit of digging to recover the coordinates to Advoca’s culinary block, but you manage it, punching them in and closing your eyes as your surroundings abruptly change around you. You take a step forward as you open your eyes only to stumble forward onto the floor, nearly hitting your horns. The coordinates conveniently placed you on a countertop. Fantastic.

You get up to your feet and rub your ears and jaw, cringing slightly. It stings a bit, you were careless. You think about calling out, but it’s late and nobody seems to be around to see you — you have no idea what kind of staff Advoca has here, and you’d rather not draw attention to yourself, so you simply lean against the accursed counter and wait for her, counting your blessings that she didn’t see you (quite literally) fall from grace.

Even if you had seen her fall and make a mess of her self, would you have cared? Sources say no. Sliding down hallways and racing down steps to the kitchen, dressed in a tank top and shorts, you wave to your staff as you pass by, or at least those who are awake. Good thing they’re used to the Very Excitable Princess and her Very Talkative Children…

You open the door quickly, spotting your lovely matesprit and grinning from ear to ear. She is as beautiful as ever. Wasting not a single moment, you run over to her, pressing your lips to hers and giggling. “Well, hello, my love! I’m certainly glad to see you!”

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